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Age: 34
Experience: 3 Years
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EAP (English for Academic Purposes), CV Writing, Essay Writing, Business English, American English
Intern, University, Adults
Teaching languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French

My Qualifications

Tiago graduated from Southern Utah University, majoring in Communications and Media Studies, and minoring in English Literature. He got his teaching TESOL certificate from Arizona State University. Tiago is an European Portuguese and English expert, running his own language business “Languages with Tiago”. Since he started in 2021, Tiago has been teaching students from around the globe on a remote-basis. The majority of his students are based in North America and Europe. Tiago is currently based in Portugal.

About me

Tiago is a multimedia storyteller. He started his career as a photographer, published in prestigious magazines and developed projects for well-established Portuguese corporations. The need to expand brought him to the United States, where he learned the art of communications, journalism, and research with some of the best professionals in the field. According to the former USA Today photojournalist Sung Park, “Tiago's enterprising spirit sets him apart from other peers. He's not afraid to take risks and tackle big issues.” Tiago's creative mindset, and his strong curiosity about society and its multicultural communities, inspired him to create groundbreaking projects, such as “This is Me” about the LGBTQ community in Timor-Leste. Since returning to Portugal, Tiago has been working full-time for international corporations as a communications expert and account manager. He is also a private 1-on-1 Portuguese and English teacher, helping international students to master their language needs. Tiago is a surfer and a genuine sustainability advocate.


I have been working with Tiago for almost 2 years now on European Portuguese. He's taken me from the basics of greetings, food, and numbers, to speaking, reading, writing, and learning idioms and verb conjugations. He provides comprehensive tutorial slides that he builds on constantly. His homework is based in content versus memorization and classes are practical, with a mixture of foundational grammar and verbs along with live practice, including homework review. Our work together has included reading and understanding fairy tales, poetry, and historical texts, doing work sheets, listening to and understanding podcasts and news programs, a short daily written diary, reading aloud in class to perfect pronunciation, conversation practice, creative sentence writing to drill in grammatical concepts and/or verb conjugation, and even recording and reviewing together a live conversation with my family in Portugal. He has a great memory and attention to detail and homes in on concepts, or pronunciations, I might be struggling with to ensure I remember them to build on. (Ask me how many ways "x" is pronounced in Portuguese!) Tiago is an excellent teacher, who is patient, creative and able to meet the student where she/he is to help them keep progressing. You will have fun working with him and he will consistently challenge you. He has built my confidence in the language tremendously.
7 май’ 24
I have had the chance to be Tiago's student during on Italki to improve My professional English writing skills. Tiago is a great teacher, he follows your improvements and correct your mistakes in a way that you'll never make them again. He uses an interesting way to help you improve your language. He also remembers every detail you told him about your learning process. Hence, he makes you feel that it worths spending more time to learn this language. I highly recommend Tiago to students who want to improve their English.
10 июн’ 23
I have been taking Portuguese lessons with Tiago for the past 8 months now and have progressed greatly with his guidance. His tailored teaching style has helped with both my speaking and writing skills. I now feel much more confident in my abilities. Highly recommend Tiago as a teacher.
9 июн’ 23


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