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Wondering where the best private Kannada tutors are hiding? NiceTutor is here to put your search struggles to an end. We have gathered more than 1 vetted Kannada tutors ready to take you to the next level in your learning journey.
Each of our tutors specializes in teaching preschool, school, university students, or adults. We offer tuition in over 40 languages, ranging from the most common ones, like English and Spanish, to the more niche ones, like Italian, Turkish, and Malay.
It’s your call whether to have online or face-to-face Kannada lessons and you get to decide if you want the tutor to be from your local area or not.
We at NiceTutor make sure you find the best Kannada teacher and have the classes tailored to your goals and needs, regardless of how specific your request may be.

We found 1 Kannada teachers for you

Usha - Kannada tutor
Learning English can seem intimidating, but the benefits are immeasurable. It allows you to connect with people from diverse…
Kannada, Hindi, English
Primary School, Secondary School, Sixth Form College, University, Adults
Teaching languages: English, Hindi, Kannada
We found 1 Kannada teachers for you
99% of our tutors offer a free trial lesson! Tuition Prices from 15£/h. The average lesson fee is 20$!
5/5 4 reviews
On average, students give our Kannada tutors a 5 out of 5 star rating when sharing their learning experience.
15 minutes
Choose a Kannada tutor for your specific goal, send a request and we will contact you within 15 minutes by WhatsApp.

Reviews about Kannada tutors

Dilara, 22 ноя’ 23
It was a very big pleasure to learn german with Stefania. She’s very passionate and friendly and each session was a pleasure! She is also an excellent teacher, who understand your need and knows how to motivate!
Beatrice , 20 ноя’ 23
Daniela was a great find, excellent teacher with a practical approach.
Gloria, 20 ноя’ 23
La migliore delle insegnanti che abbia mai avuto. Unisce la sua simpatia e solarità alla passione e alle enormi competenze nel suo lavoro.
Reasonable pricing and good lesson plans, 17 ноя’ 23
Living in Scotland i was really pleased to find Anastasia. I found her pricing reasonable and her lesson plans were very well thought out. She helped me a lot with my essay writing and comprehension leading up to my exams in English. Would recommend.
Alexandre Dupleix, 17 ноя’ 23
Todd est un prof d'anglais compétent aux méthodes efficaces et non conventionnelles !!! Et ça fait du bien. J'ai appris beaucoup avec lui sans vraiment m'en apercevoir car l'apprentissage est personnalisé pour progresser exactement sur les points dont j'ai besoin, avec humour et en s’appuyant sur des sujets intéressants (culture, société ...). Si vous cherchez un prof d’anglais avec un bon accent qui vous fera bien progresser selon vos attentes personnelles et sans ennui ... vous venez de le trouver !
Exxcelente, 11 ноя’ 23
Bom professor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price of a 60-minute Kannada lesson on NiceTutor?

Our Kannada lessons start from 10$ and average 20$ per hour. The price of the lesson usually depends on the tutor’s experience, area of expertise, and the format of the class (online vs face-to-face).

Most of our Kannada tutors offer a free trial lesson.

How many Kannada tutors in US do you have?
We have over 1 Kannada tutors. They all vary by experience, languages spoken, location, areas of expertise. You can filter profiles out by the criteria important to you and find the one you’re looking for.
What happens when I book a lesson with Kannada tutor?
We receive your request and contact the tutor you chose. As soon as the tutor accepts your request, we share your contact details with them and they get in touch with you to discuss your goals and set the first class. We will send you updates and provide support the whole way.
How can I book a Kannada lesson with a tutor?
Go to our website and filter out the tutors by subject, language spoken, location, lesson format etc. Choose the profile you like and press «contact the tutor». Fill in all the necessary info and press «book now». We will get back to you by email and WhatsApp.